Intellectual Property Legal Services

Juhasz Law provides intellectual property legal services to leading technology, software and clinical diagnostic companies in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Aligning IP Strategy to Business Strategy

Juhasz Law aligns our intellectual property lawyering approach to the business strategy of our clients. We take the time to understand each client’s needs and provide unique solutions that match their business and marketing strategy.

Patent Law

Patent law legal services include a broad range of counseling, protection, licensing and litigation work on behalf of clients:

  • patent counseling
  • patent analysis
  • patent filing
  • patent prosecution
  • patent protection
  • patent licensing
  • patent sale
  • patent claim construction
  • patent litigation

Comprehensive IP Counseling and Services

Beyond patent law, Juhasz Law assists clients with comprehensive IP counseling and services: copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, trade dress and many other areas of intellectual property legal services.

Juhasz Law encompasses the full scope of IP counseling, protection, licensing and litigation for patents, designs, trademarks, and copyrights, including due diligence, enforcement, oppositions and cancellations, licensing transactions and more.

Technology Law

Technology legal services encompass a variety of industries, including software technology and clinical diagnostic technologies, featuring:

  • computer systems
  • microprocessors
  • computer bus architecture
  • computer software
  • clinical diagnostics
  • biomedicine
  • genomics
  • memory products
  • digital recorders
  • telecommunications systems
  • controller circuits
  • antennas
  • electronic components
  • semiconductors
  • encoding/decoding methods
  • user interface
  • automation systems
  • internet-based methods
  • video and image compression
  • power management
  • electro-chemical sensors
  • ceramics
  • specialty chemicals
  • absorbent structures and materials
  • metal ion control
  • non-woven materials
  • pulp & paper
  • electro-chemical sensors
  • mechanical devices and systems
  • building materials and technology
  • oil and gas

Path To Value

Path To Value IP Legal Services. Paul R. Juhasz and The Juhasz Law Firm have developed a unique suite of intellectual property legal services: Path to Value encompasses a nine-stage, multi-disciplinary approach to integrate patent management with business strategy and technical innovation. Path to Value helps organizations leverage intellectual property assets to drive technology leadership, market position, and competitive advantage resulting in increased economic value.

  • Stage 1 – Strategic Decision Making for IP Value
  • Stage 2 – Heart of Company Assessment
  • Stage 3 – Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Stage 4 – Patent Quality Assessment
  • Stage 5 – Patent Adoption Assessment
  • Stage 6 – Technical Analysis and Assessment
  • Stage 7 – Tuning the Portfolio
  • Stage 8 – Protecting Company Value
  • Stage 9 – Realizing Company Value

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