Patent Law Legal Services

Juhasz Law staffs client projects with diverse teams of patent attorneys, having on average 15 years of patent experience. Clients get senior patent attorneys working on their cases. Not junior attorneys. In addition, clients access our proprietary methodologies to help them better see, understand and realize the potential strategic value from their patents.

Electrical, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Software, Business Methods, and Mechanical Teams

These teams consist of patent attorneys who majored in electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines, with years of experience in writing patent specifications, counseling, and monetization. We have represented well-known companies and start-ups in these fields. In addition these teams have considerable experience in handling such cases as medical devices and bioinformatics where various fields converge.

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Teams

In the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, we have long established and highly skilled professionals. We have represented both well-known companies and start-ups in these industries. We provide excellent service in these areas including pharmaceuticals and medical devices; specialty chemicals, synthetic, fine, polymer and natural product chemistry; metallurgy, nanomaterials; food and agricultural sciences; life sciences, and cosmetics.

Trademark and Design Team

This team has extensive trademark, copyright, and design protection experience. In addition to handling trademark applications, this team takes pride in providing clients with national and global solutions that are strategic, effective and cost-efficient.

Path to Value IP Team

This team focuses on monetization and has extensive experience in strategic counseling and services delivered through the prism of the Path to Value IP Legal Services.