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Message from the President

To the patent community and fellow practitioners:

Time sure goes by quickly. It seems like only yesterday I began practicing law. The year was 1983. With a J.D. degree in hand from the University of Dayton School of Law and undergraduate B.S.E.E. and B.S.Chem.E. degrees from the University of Washington, I began practicing in New York City as a patent attorney with the prominent patent law firm of Pennie & Edmonds. When I began practicing, I was already licensed to practice law in the State of Washington, I had four years of military service doing electrical engineering work and reaching the rank of Captain in the U.S.A.F under my belt, and I had a Professional Engineering License from the State of Ohio, qualifying me to practice as a licensed professional engineer. I had also been awarded “Best Paper Award” by Secretary of the Air Force Hans Mark for “Computer Velocity Control of a Sled Used in Impact Studies.” As a young patent attorney, I began my schooling in the traditional way of patent lawyering, which remains a part of my practice today.

A lot has changed since I first began practicing patent law more than 25 years ago. My practice began unfolding shortly after the forming of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit which has ushered in a new era of patent law. I sat for and also became licensed to practice law in the States of New York, New Jersey, and Texas. My level of competencies in IP, such as patent counseling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation, have grown compelling. I have designed, developed, and implemented IP programs for global electrical and communication companies such as Nokia as Director IP America of intellectual property in the Western Hemisphere, Symbol as VP IP and Ass’t General Counsel, Flextronics as Chief IP Counsel as well as chemical companies International Paper and W.R. Grace and such notable law firms as Williams, Morgan & Amerson, where I was a partner shareholder. I was Chairman of the Lemelson Joint Defense Group of companies that defeated the Lemelson patents.

And yet in over 25 years of practice there are many things about the patent practice that I find remains largely unchanged. This is a telling statement especially given that today’s businesses have grown smarter about the value of patents and the importance of patents and IP to the bottom line. Businesses today are demanding a greater return on their IP investment.

The Juhasz Law Firm believes that it is no longer good enough to provide traditional patent lawyering alone. Value enhancing IP services is what business needs. The Juhasz Law Firm recognizes that there is often a need for a strong correlation between the value of IP and the business strategy of a company. The Juhasz Law Firm draws on this linkage in helping companies strategically protect and position their IP. Through proprietary methodologies developed by The Juhasz Law Firm companies are enabled to better see, understand, and realize the potential strategic value from their IP. This allows companies to develop IP strategies that can lead to greater returns on investment and predictablility. It is the offering of these services through the “prism of value” of methodologies like that represented by The IP Path to Value™ suite of products and services that differentiates The Juhasz Law Firm from other patent attorneys.

Your future may depend on the financial, legal and strategic representation of your intellectual property. For your IP needs, you should consider all your options, including those outside the traditional patent lawyering box, which can add more predictability to your IP strategy. For your IP needs, I hope that you think of the firm that helps you converge your IP and market strategies. I hope you think of The Juhasz Law Firm, the firm committed to Positioning Your Patent Beyond The Horizon℠.


Paul R. Juhasz
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