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IP Litigation Services

Staffed to handle all types of IP litigation

We design, develop and execute litigation strategies, arbitration and mediation, and administrative hearings before the Patent and Trademark Office and other governing bodies such as ICANN.

Juhasz attorneys lead cases before state and federal courts, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. Supreme Court and serve as local counsel in jurisdictions including Texas, Washington, New York, New Jersey, California and Massachusetts.

An IP dispute is a high stakes contest in which the entities involved can gain or lose a great deal. The process can be distracting and costly. A loss may even bring an end to your business. When faced with potential risks that can advance or throttle your business plan or even make or break your business, you need a litigation team with the technical and legal competencies surrounding the dispute and the seasoned litigators who can provide you with a bundled business, technical, and legal solution to your dispute to exceed your objectives

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, we tailor a litigation strategy to showcase the unique technical and legal solutions to your problem so that you can be better informed about the risks and benefits of all options and make good decisions.

Because of our experience and understanding in our client’s and similar businesses, we are able to articulate the client’s technology and legal issues, potential impact on earnings, market share, competitive differentiation, barriers to entry and opportunities to extract value through bundling strategies.

By understanding the legal issues, we are able to help clients protect the selected bundling strategies under the patent and IP laws to best protect and extract optimal value from selected bundling strategies to avoid over-or under-reaching. The result is a more credible litigation program and results as viewed through the eyes of management, shareholders, and target audiences.

Defense Against Third-Party Claims

Protecting Your Business from Third Party Assertions. Defend against third party assertions, including invalidation of patents that stand in the way of your business. We assess noninfringement and validity, and provide opinions, design-around assistance, patent reexaminations, post-grant and inter partes reviews, trademark oppositions and cancellations.

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Urgent Reviews and Comprehensive Assessments

No matter what the dispute, Juhasz Law has the team and network to help you soft-land any IP dispute, whether in court, before government bodies, organized groups, patent office proceedings, post-grant proceedings, interparty proceedings or other proceedings.

Cases in litigation, as well as claims being written today, can be analyzed using our PSAI-PG(SM) Framework for patent claims drafting and patent litigation. The hallmark of our practice is exceeding client expectations. That starts with being responsive to clients. No matter what the request, we do our best to respond to the client request in a timely and responsive manner.

At Juhasz Law, clients are not left hanging about to think about when they will hear back from their attorney and with what news. Nor are client put in a position of having to chase down their lawyers for responsive counseling. Prompt responsive counseling is our modus operandi. Whether the news is good or bad, you will hear it from us promptly with upside and downside analysis and strategic options counseling, and recommendations provided.

In a litigation or other IP dispute, prompt responsiveness provides clients with advantage. We prioritize your work so as to allow time for vetting and client review and approval. No client is a last minute project.

But there is more to an effective IP program than reacting to client or litigation requests. We must be proactive. Proprietary tools like 1-to-4 Transformation, IPP2V program, Heart-of-the-Company Assessment, and Patent-Quality-Assessments help give our clients competitive advantages in protecting, licensing and litigating IP.

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