Patent Attorney with Offices in Houston and Seattle

Your company is attempting to leverage its assets within a market. One of those assets is the intellectual property (IP) you have acquired or are developing. Your success in leveraging your IP may very well turn on who you use for strategic patent expertise. You can turn to many different patent attorneys, many molded in the traditional way of patent lawyering. Or you can work with The Juhasz Law Firm, a law firm with a methodology aimed at linking your IP strategy to your current and future market strategy. Where lawyering is done with an eye toward converging your IP and market strategies so that every dollar you invest in your IP can drive a more predictable outcome.

The Juhasz Law Firm is proud to offer legal services that allow companies to better see, understand, and realize the potential strategic value from their IP, including:

  • strategic patent counseling
  • patent analysis
  • patent claim construction
  • patent filing
  • patent prosecution
  • patent opinion work
  • strategic patent licensing
  • strategic patent transactions
  • patent litigation
  • trademarks
  • trade secrets
  • other intellectual property needs

Offering these services through the “prism of value” of methodologies like that represented by The IP Path to Value™ suite of products and services is what differentiates The Juhasz Law Firm from the other patent attorneys.

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Your future may depend on the financial, legal and strategic representation of your intellectual property. For your IP needs, don’t limit your options to traditional patent lawyering. Think of the firm that helps you converge your IP and market strategies. Think of The Juhasz Law Firm, the firm committed to Positioning Your Patent Beyond The Horizon℠.