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Monetize Your IP Value Through Licensing

Comprehensive licensing services help your company generate significant ROI on IP monetization with successful agreements, long-term value, and managing patent exhaustion.

At Juhasz Law, we are enthusiastic about working with clients to monetize the value in patents and other intellectual property. We are uniquely qualified to extract optimum value through sale or license of your portfolio of patents and other IP.

Collectively, our team has performed hundreds of licensing deals and has extensive experience in many business sectors, including manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, aggregators of components, systems, networks, and processes in electrical, mechanical, oil and gas, chemical, life sciences and other disciplines. Our collective success in the market stems from a number of distinct attributes.

Managing Patent Exhaustion

Managing patent exhaustion can lead to better ROI for technology companies.

When a product is sold, such as a computer chip, all patents required to use that product are exhausted. What many companies fail to appreciate is the sweeping scope of patents that can be exhausted by such a sale. The exhaustion of patents encompasses more than just the patents that cover the product and the inner-workings of the product. They may also include patents that cover features that lie outside that product, such as the use of that product in a device or a system.

This loss of patent value on features that lie outside the product due to a sale may be the biggest contributing factor to the loss of value in a company’s patent program. Companies must be mindful of this problem and design their licensing program to avoid patent exhaustion.

For more information, read our article on Quanta vs. LG Electronics in IP Litigator.

IP Licensing Experience Across an Array of Technologies and Industries

Our team is experienced in counseling large, small and medium-size technology businesses. We understand the drivers for each particular business and how these drivers interrelate.

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, we tailor a monetization strategy to showcase the unique aspects of a technology, and as importantly, the very tangible value that technology brings to our investor targets. Because of our experience and understanding of similar businesses, we are able to articulate knowledgeably the potential impact on earnings, market share, competitive differentiation, barriers to entry and opportunities to further monetize through bundling strategies. By understanding the legal issues, we are able to position the selected bundling strategies under the patent and IP laws to avoid over- or under-reaching. Proprietary tools like the 1-to-4 Transformation, IPP2V program, Heart-of-the-Company Assessment, and Patent-Quality-Assessments provide our clients with a competitive advantage over competitors.

The result is a more credible monetization program as viewed through the eyes of the target companies. Our grasp of technology and ability to present these concepts is second to none. And our processes have demonstrated results.

We have a proven approach to monetizing IP. We develop potential market sizing and assess the patented technology versus existing practices for purposes of conveying the value proposition to prospective buyers and pricing of the patents. We identify one or more companies as prospective buyers or prospective licensees as well. We develop non-confidential or confidential teaser packages for presentation of the selected patents and provide to selected parties. For those showing interest, we negotiate and enter into a confidentiality agreement with the identified prospective buyers for patent discussions and provide them access to the confidential marketing package. For a prospective company that is interested in buying, we negotiate and close the sale of the patent.

As Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, Paul Juhasz teaches future patent attorneys how to deliver these results to their clients.

The Juhasz Law team of attorneys designs and implements licensing programs that entail the foregoing identification, negotiation, and closing steps. And throughout this process, we provide regular progress reports to clients on project status.

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