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1-to-4 Transformation: Revealing ROI fo Patent Investments

The 1-To-4 Transformation is an operation useful in patent clearance and other patent assessment processes to meet the needs of company executives concerned with showing return on investment (ROI) for their patent investments.

Attorneys from Juhasz work directly with company executives, or with in-house counsel involved in freedom to operate assessments or other patent clearance evaluations, to deconstruct a business opportunity (product, patent, process, patent, invention, etc.) and transform its definition into four business attributes—product and/or patent, strategy, core competency and market.

As shown in the Figure below, the 1-To-4 Transformation expands the product clearance/patent assessment scope from a narrow focus on the product or patent domain to encompass the entire strategic domain, where a broad spectrum of strategic options can be considered.


Figure: 1-to-4 Transform

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